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Blogging the Empower Network Way

Hey everyone!

Blogging is BIG business – that is if you know how it works. Let’s face it, it’s not easy to design and set up a website, then fill it up with useful contents, insert images, videos, add the proper SEO techniques and more.

guestsAny one of those tasks alone will require you to spend a lot of man hours familiarizing yourself with the techniques involved.

Not to mention the probability of spending some hard earned money in education and training or of having someone else set them up for you.

So what to do?

If you don’t possesses the gift of writing and serious marketing skills, Empower Network just made it a lot easier to do all those BLOGGING requirements and more.

The Advantages of Empower Network Viral Blogging System

Simplified Blogging Platform

build social mediaImagine getting the right amount of traffic your website so desperately need without being desperate in the process? Sounds all good right?

Empower Network was able to integrate all the important ingredients that can and will enable a “newbie” website to have a thriving online presence that will lure in the readers and turn them into satisfied customers – IN A SHORT SPAN OF TIME.

It is actually a huge leap – from turning a prospect into a customer. It requires a lot of back breaking and nerve-wrecking late night brainstorming –  BUT with Empower Network’s viral blogging system, it has become more than achievable, it’s actually “all in a day’s work”.

Empower Network was designed by marketers for marketers. This being the case, now, you can compose your blog, add images or videos then post with just a click of a button. No need to worry about those complicated LSI or meta tags and other SEO techniques – Empower Network takes care of that.

Isn’t that just dandy?

Authority Site

blogBeing an authority site makes it very easy for your blog site to rank.

The higher the ranking, the more visible your site is, the more visible your site is, the better the opportunity for your product or services to reach a lot of viewers which can result from them from being prospects to satisfied customers.

Strong Viewership

With more than 300,000 current members (and still growing), you can easily tapped into this vast pool of people to get your product noticed. It’s that simple, really. Oh did I mentioned the awesome opportunity to earn $15K a month? I didn’t? Well with Empower Network business opportunity, you can.

But more into that next time, or you can click and find out how now.

Inbound Marketing is in!

Hey everyone!

If you’re wondering what’s the in thing with regards to internet marketing, well, this is it – Inbound Marketing!

inbound marketingInbound marketing is the process of earning a person’s interest as opposed to buying it.

This involves writing relevant contents,using effective social media campaigns, webinars/podcasts, SEO approaches and white papers which saves you a lot of cash in the process as compared to outbound marketing.

Inbound marketing seeks to inform, educated and sometimes even entertain. Its actually a noninvasive approach wherein people are actually drawn to your brand and converts them into lasting customers –  sort of like what attraction marketing is, but waaayyy better as other platforms and applications are integrated in the process.

How many times have you left unopened emails? Or perhaps included your telephone numberinbound in the DO NOT CALL LIST? or perhaps even unsubscribe from an email? I bet you even skipped A LOT of TV and Youtube ads?

Outbound marketing is quickly losing its charm! People are getting sick and tired being bombarded left and right with irrelevant products and services.

Inbound Marketing

One key point to always remember is that you have to develop a positive connection with the consumer. This will likely make him engage and may even buy from you.

inbound marketing image 2With outbound marketing, what happens is that the consumer feels intruded every time you market your brand. This is really prevalent on Youtube. (There’s that 5 second countdown on the bottom right hand side of the screen.)

This simply doesn’t help. NOT A BIT. I bet you click that ad off after the 5 seconds countdown is over right? See what I mean.

Inbound marketing entices your consumer to come looking for you. You don’t seek them out. They come to you. This happens with continuous production of great and relevant contents that provide much needed value.inbound marketing 3

Inbound marketing is a multi channel approach because it gets to where the people are and the channel where they want to interact with you. These channels can be through keyword search, blogs, social media and others.

If you are tired of putting out cash on your cold calling technique or even promo ads, why not try using the Inbound Marketing approach?

More on this next time, stay tuned!

Effective Blogging Secrets Revealed!

Hi everyone!

“Blogging is a conversation, not a code.” – Mike Butcher.

I believe this is true. There should be a connection. Sadly, a lot of bloggers ignore this crucial key point! All they want is to let out their opinion and blabber without really connecting with their readers.

bloggingAn effective communication contains two key components – speaker and the listener. The same holds true in the “blogsphere.” Unless the speaker (blogger) can effectively convey his idea, then there’s what we call a failure of communication.

Imagine this, you are the blogger, how will you cook up a blog that will perk the interest of your readers? Give that thought some precious seconds to sink in. If still unsure, let me offer these tips:

Blogging Tips

Compose Head Turning Headlinesheadlines

Your headline is your readers first contact point with you. How well you craft this will determine
if you’ll turn a prospect into a follower. Always right a compelling one. Usually readers only want to know what they can get from you. Address that properly and you’ll get their attention. Make sense? Read on.

Start with a Strong First Statement

strongA strong opening statement will definitely add to the effectiveness of your blog, no doubt about it, so it’s pertinent that you take some considerable amount of time thinking of a killer statement. Take this approach along with your compelling headline as a one-two punch combination.

Readers can’t resist this approach. It’s the lure and the bait.

Learn how you can draw up a compelling headline and then boost it up further by giving it a killer opening statement. This can take a while, but with constant practice, you’ll get it eventually.

Use Powerful Words

According to the modern English language, words are not created equal. Some are more powerful than the others. Use these words to your advantage. Sprinkle your article with these powerful words. Some example are – you, free, new, because and instantly. Have you used these words lately in your posts?

Nothing beats a killer sentence!one day

“Sentences are the engines of creativity. “– Demian Farnworth. Nothing is truer than that fact. Take this sentence for example “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.” See how instantly it painted a scene in your head? Killer sentence evokes emotion. It also creates an image in your mind. Lastly, always address the 5W’s, who, what, where, when and why. In short, be factual too!

Be Authentic

originalYou are a unique creature. You have your way of structuring sentences that instantly inform readers that it’s you that they’re reading. Use this uniqueness to your advantage.

You see, the problem with today’s budding bloggers is that they want to be the next big Matt Marshall or any of those big name bloggers.

While it can help to have someone to look up to and imitate, in the long run you need to discover who you are.

There you have it folks, start incorporating these fine tips now and tell me how it turns out. You can leave a comment below!

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