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What is Referral Marketing?

Referral marketing, or word of mouth, is useful for lead generation in another way – that is, it puts your brand in front of more people, which in turn increases your chances of generating more leads. You want to drive users to your landing page. As long as you’ve created a landing page that converts, the rest is done by itself.

Why not buy leads?

Marketers and sellers want to fill their sales funnel, and quickly. Between: The temptation to buy leads. Buying leads rather than organically generating them is much easier and takes a lot less time and effort, although it is more expensive. But even so, you might be paying for advertising … so why not buy leads?

First off, the potential customers who bought you don’t really know about you. Usually, when they sign up for something, they have “signed up” for another website and they haven’t really chosen to get anything from your company.

Hence, the messages you send to them are spam, and sending spam is intrusive. (Remember the disturbing phone call I got trying to eat my spaghetti? This is how people feel when they receive emails and other messages from people they didn’t ask if they were about Want to hear about your products or services, so interrupt them … plain and simple.

If they’ve never chosen to receive messages specifically from you, then there is a high chance they’ll mark your messages as spam, which is for you This training is not only about filtering your email, but it also tells your email provider which email to filter.

Once enough people mark your messages as spam, you will be directed to those “Blacklisted” which is tough.

It’s always, always, always better to generate leads organically rather than buy them then shared with other email providers. Once blacklisted, it’s very, very difficult to get out.

It’s always, always, always better to generate leads organically rather than buy them.

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Gated Content 5 Best Practices

It’s quite important for any aspiring digital specialist to know how to leverage this type of online marketing strategy. So, what are the best practices for a gated content?

Here’s my take on the matter:

Create content for each stage in the buyer’s journey

When a prospect goes through the buyer’s journey, they’ll go through three stages: awareness, consideration, and decision.

During each stage, it is important that your audience has content that will help them along the way. For example, visitors in the awareness phase are likely to be interested in reading an e-book.

On the other hand, in the decision-making phase, a visitor might prefer a product demo or webinar. Because of this, it’s important that your content offerings are tailored to each stage of the buyer’s journey.

If your gated content is tailored to your journey, your audience will be more likely to convert.

Conduct a competitive analysis

After you’ve come up with a few content ideas for each stage of the buyer journey, it’s time for a competitive analysis. In a competitive analysis, you examine what your competitors are doing. This means that you look at what kind of content offerings they are creating. what content is closed or not closed.

This will give you a good idea of ​​what content you should be restricting.

Give an incentive

As an inbound seller, you know that creating value is paramount. Your content offerings shouldn’t be just one long blog post. Your private content should offer valuable and actionable content.

Also, your private content needs to be relevant to your audience. If your content offers real value, incentivize your audience to fill out this form and provide you with their contact information.

Build a Strong Landing page

When a user clicks on a CTA for a content offering, they are usually directed to a landing page. That means one of the best practices for private content is to create a strong landing page.

That means you want to create a strong title, write attractive text, and generate a form. Ultimately, a landing page will remove distractions and grab your visitor’s full attention.

Segment your audience

Once your audience has downloaded your private content and you. When you get your email address, it’s time to segment your email lists. This will help you develop targeted and effective email marketing campaigns.

Additionally, segmenting your target audience means you can send enriching emails to direct those leads to prospects.

Measure the Metrics

You have chosen to monitor a certain piece of content, which means you can track conversions and measure your analytics. As with any marketing strategy, measuring your success is extremely important. This data will help you better understand your audience and improve your content strategy.

Now that you understand some of the best practices for creating gated content, let’s look at the types of content and examples of what it will look like in action.

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