Great Examples of Gated Content

Gated concern is a proven marketing tool to help generated that much wanted lead. So, what are the different types of gated content?

Read the list below and check for yourself which is applicable to the type of digital marketing that you do.


A great example of gated content is a white paper. A white paper is an authoritative, in-depth report on a specific topic. This is usually long content that is interesting and valuable to your audience.

Content based on the value it offers. Also, it helps your brand to become an industry expert on a topic. When you are a trustworthy expert, people want to know what you have to say. This means you will get more people to download your listing.


An e-book is another popular type of gated content. Unlike a white paper, an e-book is usually a shorter guide to a specific topic. E-books can also strengthen your brand and build trust with your audience. E-books are typically used in the awareness and reflection phase of the buyer journey.


One of my favorite forms of gated content is the template. Providing a template is tactical and actionable content. The perceived value of a template is much higher than that of an e-book and white paper, which means your audience is more likely to type in your contact information to get it.

Templates are a great private content offering for people in the deliberation and decision-making stages of the buyer journey.


With a webinar, you train your audience to learn more about a topic. They build trust, build relationships, and hopefully inspire. For prospects at the decision-making stage of the buyer journey, webinars are a great gated offering.

Again, webinars have high perceived value which increases the likelihood that your audience will fill out this form. With private content, it’s important to consider what type of content you are offering and make sure it will suit your audience.

Ultimately, gated content should be targeted and help you generate leads.

That’s it for now. If you find this content useful, pls don’t forget to leave a comment below.

See you next time!

Happy trails!

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