Online Marketing Pitfalls You MUST Avoid

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If you’re not pleased with your online marketing results—or you’re considering starting on a new plan—here are some typical errors to look at out for.

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Online marketing pitfalls

Not Focusing Enough

focus marketingDon’t “throw spaghetti against the wall” when you’re just starting out with your strategy.

Many new business owners think this strategy will lessen risk, but it’s usually an error because you probably don’t have the proper resources to perform well on several areas.

Consequently, you’ll just end up with a big blunder. Instead, evaluate your choices and choose one.

If that one doesn’t work, try the next one, and then the next one. Once you get something working, put everything you’ve got into it, that’s how you gain momentum.

Not enough variety

marketing vARIETYThe next big error is to put all of your eggs in one basket. Lack of variety can be terrible.

For example, if you’re relying entire on the current SEO trend for all of your visitors and clients, you could go out of business over night when Search engines comes out their next criteria upgrade.

You can prevent that scenario by expanding.

However, this stage is critical. The perfect time to broaden your variety is when you already have something working.


The toughest thing to do is get something moving, but it requires a lesser amount of resources to keep it moving.

Remember: Focus first, then broaden.

Not monitoring outcomes

monitoringOf all the errors you can make, the greatest is not monitoring your ROI from your various marketing initiatives.

If you’re not monitoring, you’re traveling blind—and this will harm you regardless of whether your online techniques will continue to work or not.

If you’re dropping profits in certain places, you won’t know how to stop it if there’s no monitoring. And if your promotion is working, then you don’t know where to reinvest for highest possible development.

As David Wanamaker popularly said, “Half the cash I invest on marketing is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” Luckily, with today’s technological innovation, monitoring your ROI is simpler than ever.

 Not following up

 follow up marketingMany your visitors aren’t prepared to buy from you.

A typical visitor-to-customer rate of conversion is 1 %, which indicates that 99 out of 100 visitors land on your web page and then leave, never to come back.

If you don’t have some plan of following up with your guests, you’re losing revenue every day.

One choice to rectify this unavoidable hole in your bucket is to provide something attractive in exchange for your prospect’s personal contact details, and then follow to up via e-mail.

Not Testing

not testingIf you’re not testing regularly, you’re leaving money on the table.

Try applying A/B assessments on your web page, where you display one concept to 50 % of your guests, and another concept to the other 50 percent.

If you can improve your web page transformation amount by 25 %, you can improve your revenue without improving your advertising price range.

Keep in mind, there’s no such thing as perfection. You can always defeat the control.

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So there you go, if you can remember to apply this valuable information in your online marketing, I bet you can improve the way you do things online.

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