5 Cool Reasons why use Animations

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One highly effective and entertaining way to promote your brand is by using animations. When used properly, they have the ability to inform, guide or advise viewers, promote your brand and increase your site’s overall traffic.

animation image 1

animate your marketing!

They can be produced cheaply using a lot of free on line tools plus the availability of materials is simply unlimited!

Animated characters that are used in marketing have the power to spark the imagination which in turn creates long-lasting effect on the viewer.

They cater to viewers from all walks of life and age brackets!

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5 Reasons why use Animations

They are Timeless

animated image 2

Mickey Mouse – timeless animated character

Animated characters never grow old thus they make the ideal brand mascot.

When used over and over again, they create the perfect “face” or ambassador of your brand.

Audience become familiar with them over the years as well.

It’s a well-worth investment of your time and resources.

Animations also don’t run the risk of being passée or obsolete because it’s a “made-up world” where time doesn’t have any bearing.

Your Best Brand Representative

animation image 3

McDonald’s brand ambassadors

Sometimes it can be so tiring trying to come up with a “face” to go along with your brand, animations, especially if it’s an original character that you came up, has the ability to be “imprinted” among the viewers.

Animations or animated characters also don’t change their reputations from good to bad, unlike actors that are hired to be brand ambassadors. Essentially, you can expect your animated character to stay “true” to it’s reputation until you decide to  “pull the plug” on it.

Many Choices

animation image 4

Many choices!

With the growth and advancement of computer generated animations and effects, the sky’s the limit as to what you can do and can come up with.

Animated videos and animations in general can show scenes that a normal video camera cannot.

You can even use the most exciting visual effects to get your brand across. You can go anywhere your imagination takes you.

Low cost

animation image 5


Did you know that animated videos cost cheaper than let’s say a full-on radio or even a TV ad?

It’s definitely cost-efficient to create an animated character than hire a celebrity endorser and create a video with him in it.

Not to mention the amount that you will probably spend on renting a studio or filming the ad on a location.

Animations can rid all of those unwanted overhead cost without sacrificing any of the storyline/storyboard of your intended ad.


animation image 6

Build a unique character

Creating your own animated character means it’s going to be both original and unique.

It will stay with your brand as long as your business is in existence.

It will not promote any other brand thus ensuring brand loyalty.

Your animated character’s originality will go a long way in promoting your brand.

If you haven’t considered the awesomeness of using animations to drive your marketing campaign, it’s never too late to go and produce one.

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out how, there exists a plethora of free on-line software that’ll get you up and running. We’ll take a look at some examples next time!

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